Steel City Greats Products

Each Ryan Shazier strain has been carefully selected through pheno-hunting, which means that each strain is a phenotype of a known quality strain that has been cultivated and nurtured through its normal growth cycle. We then evaluate these plants in terms of their attributes, like appearance, smell, taste, and effects. Once we have identified the best expression (phenotype) of that strain, it is designated the “mother” plant. From that point forward, all clones are cut from only this mother plant genetic. This allows us to cultivate only the highest quality phenotype of each specific strain.


‘Shalieve,’ a curated phenotype of Grape C, is an indica strain boasting deep-reaching calming effects that resonate throughout the body. The mental clarity and uplifted mood also brought on via ‘Shalieve’s’ flavorful terpene profile, are certain to delight, and aid against conditions from anxiety and insomnia, to joint and muscle stiffness. ‘Shalieve’ is ideal for tackling daily struggles with confidence.

"Ya Gotta Shalieve. Positive thinking and passionate belief. That's Shalieve."


‘Shazier #50’ is a carefully selected phenotype of the modern-day classic, GG#4, and with its impressive lineage, touting effects just as robust. Effective in treating a variety of conditions, ranging from insomnia and migraines to appetite loss and nausea. It’s trichomes offer a rich earthen aroma, and deliver its medicine under a mellow musk.

"Tackle any task with confidence."


Steel City Greats: Ryan Shazier’s ‘Speed’ is a tailored sativa-dominant phenotype of the iconic Cake Crasher cultivar. This motivating strain is sure to stimulate creativity and help find focus, while also offering gentle relief from a variety of common bodily aches or cramps. Let Ryan Shazier’s ‘Speed’ inspire you to find what it takes to stay proactive, to make the winning plays.

"Find Your Purpose and you'll find the Champion inside."

Walking Miracle

‘Walking Miracle,’ a potent Miami Heat phenotype, is a balanced strain aimed at tackling tough everyday contenders like chronic pain and fatigue, or major depression, PTSD, and anxiety. This uplifting and energized hybrid is perfect for those wanting to move their feet, or socialize with friends. ‘Walking Miracle’ was passionately cultivated for those looking to deliver their best performance.

"Follow Your Path. It may not be the one you chose. But it can be the one that lifts you up."